My symptoms are common place. There are artists in this world that stick directly, and efficiently to one creative endeavor at a time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or if it leads to frustration, they stick to their agenda.


  I unfortunately am not one of those people. Emma of the Impact one of those artistic types that also is a wander! Us wanders get so excited about new ideas we have to move forward with each new, inventive dream before it simply bursts out of us.  Wanderers are common but I mean this in a neutral sense, it fits with many creative personalities.  As a wanderer it takes you forever to get something done because you start so many new projects. Some projects are never seen to completion. The worst side effect I have found is that this wandering tendency stunts growth. How can you improve on a skill when you are trying so many at once? You know that famous Sherlock Holmes or I suppose Sir Arthur Conan Doyle quote about doing one thing very well as opposed to many things on a level of mediocrity. It rings through my brain caverns often but I haven’t listened to it very well.


  My father was also a wanderer with creativity and also in life. The best line that described him is from the film The Third Man “He never grew up, the world just grew up around him, and buried him.”  He saw his own tendencies in me.  He would warn me against my disorganized way of going about things. He said when he thought of me he often would picture the album cover to Billy Joel’s River of Dreams.

Right now I am going to expect the fact I can’t do all of these things RIGHT NOW:

  1. My two acrylic paintings I started, one is almost kinda done

  2. Start working on Digital art

  3. My photography

  4. My book diving deep into THE ART of bad movies (Such as “Manos” the Hands of Fate), including trips to locations where the movies were shot and add my own photography to it as well

  5. Travel across America taking “off the beaten path” portraits (urbexing anyone?)

  6. Master Speedlights

  7. Master Copics

  8. Learn French and become more proficient in my German and Swedish

  9. Light Painting!

  10. Becoming an expert on Ethiopian stamps

  11. Riffing movies using Adobe Premiere (I already did The Manster), Movies not done by MST3K or Rifftrax

  12. Be a speaker for Mental Health Awareness

  13. Write a book on the history of “Mad People” lunacy


I’m going to do my first photography series.

I’ve always wanted to do a series but have never had the discipline. I wanted to choose something personal but also universal.

I do the Card of the Day reading regularly. My series will be based on my Card of the Day reading.  Each image will be posted on Monday night.  Each image will have to be done in the order they were drawn.  The first image that I will post this coming Monday night 01/09/2018. It will be my significator for my journey.  I’ll write more on the project itself before Monday.


As always, thanks for your time ^_^

Love & Rockets,

   -Emma of the Impact

Progress in Failure

Zoe West Attic (1 of 1).jpg


My venture to share my work has gone astray but it is on the mend.  Currently I am focusing mostly on gathering what prints I'm taking with me to my show in Miami in Feb! All proceeds will be donated to This image is my first edit from a shoot I did weeks ago with model Zoe West. 

Check Zoe's model work here:

Tomorrow I do a shoot show casing a custom sweater I ordered. It will be part of my fangirl series "Love & Bots" which is just a fun project dedicated to my favorite TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Details about the knitting artist will be included in post. 

“You gotta see it before you see it- Captain Beefheart

A Beginning

I've only practiced photography for two years and enjoy every impact.  I'm not working as a photographer for hire or aspire to be a renowned artist.  Photography is something for myself, and if you like my work too...Hey, neat!